Fun Game on the Streetcar

Those who know me well are likely aware that I’m fond of driving and I’m really madly in love with my car. I like it a lot. I think my car is better than yours. But I take the streetcar to work everyday. It’s one of the benefits of where I live, and where I work, that I can leave my car parked all week and ride the streetcar. Except when I’m running late. Which happens once or twice a week. So I take the streetcar every day, minus a couple days. Which is the same exact thing as “every day.”

I live in a city with a half million other people. With such a high a concentration of people in a small space, you will likely run into all kinds of folks. And as a veteran of city living, I’ve become adept at identifying stinky people. It’s a skill you learn quickly. “Oh, he looks ripe. Hold breath. Okay, danger averted.”

However, sometimes people are “stealth stinkers.” It’s not obvious from how they look that a person has created a cloud of odoriferousness for everyone to enjoy. And riding public transportation, this can become a problem.

But it can also be a fun game! Sometimes on the streetcar, I play a game of “Guess the Stinker!” when it’s not completely obvious. Sometimes I guess correctly, as evidenced by the sweet wind of fresh air as the offender departs.

I can’t say that I win anything by guessing the stinker correctly. But I like to start my days with a sense of accomplishment.

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5 Responses to Fun Game on the Streetcar

  1. michael lewallen says:

    I love it!! The culture, the lifestyles of the Urban & Living.

  2. Al Cordle says:

    In general, I find the Max stinkier than the Streetcar.

  3. Heather says:

    Alan, I totally agree. I think the streetcar is probably the freshest smelling in the public transit stink hierarchy.

  4. Bruce says:

    “Everyday” is primarily an adjective. If you do something each day you would be doing that thing “every day”. For example: “These are my everyday jeans. I wear them every day.”

    I’m glad that you ride the Streetcar every day, and that you write about it. Thanks, and keep it up.

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