Portland Transit is Slow

As anyone who’s ridden transit in Portland is aware, it’s slow. I used to live in outer Southeast Portland and make occasional weekend trips on the bus and MAX to visit my parents in Hillsboro. It was easily an hour and half adventure (longer if I timed my arrival at the bus stop incorrectly). The same trip in a car, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, could take as few as 15 minutes. Of course the biggest impediment to fast and efficient service is that virtually all the buses and trains go through the excruciatingly slow transit hub which is downtown Portland.

So I think most of us can relate to Linda Baker’s Taking the Slow Bus Through Portland at Portland Urbanista. Linda Baker relates her, and her son’s, frustration with taking transit across town.

In my fantasy Portland transit world their are express MAX lines with dedicated flyovers to bypass downtown (well maybe one stop in Downtown) so riders who are traveling across town don’t have to spend a half hour downtown on every trip.

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