TriMet Diaries Contributor Premium: Portland Afoot!

Bus TicketsUltimately we here at TriMet Diaries would like to offer story contributors a premium (or at least a chance at a premium in a drawing), but we can’t afford much, and we weren’t sure what our readers would like.

My first idea was TriMet bus tickets, but it was pointed out to me (by several people) that contributors to TriMet Diaries probably already have bus tickets, and may very well have monthly bus passes.

We thought too of a t-shirt (Muni Diaries offers some pretty cool t-shirts for sale), but of course that requires a bit of work and a not insignificant financial outlay.

Portland  AfootBut then it dawned on me; the perfect TriMet Diaries contributor premium: a year long subscription to Portland Afoot! It’s PDX’s 10-minute newsmagazine on buses, bikes & low-car life, perfect for the Portland transit rider on the go.

So that’s the plan. At the end of December, from the list of published story authors (excluding yours truly, the editors Heather and Dave), we’ll draw one name. That lucky person will receive a subscription to Portland Afoot (a $14 value!).

So send in your stories – now you have an material incentive in addition to the prestigious byline!

(Contributors of already published stories will also be entered in the drawing.)

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  1. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if I got picked…. I was already contemplating subscribing to Portland Afoot.

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