The Bus Was Smokin’

The Bus Was SmokinAfter running an errand at my credit union, I got on my usual 9:45 bus at a different stop. I got to avoid waiting with the white trash lady who likes to smoke right next to me under the shelter.

However, when I sat down, it only took a few blocks of travel for me to notice the distinct smell of burning…something. I honestly thought it was burning toast from one of the various cafes we were passing by. Then the white trash lady notices the smell too and says, “Hey, dude, you’re on fire.”

Actually, it was just the dude’s pant leg. But still, that is definitely a new experience in public transportation for me.

© Samantha (@sicklittlejag on Twitter). This story first appeared on her blog, Sugar Spell It Out, and is re-published here with permission.

Illustration by Heather!

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