I live in Vancouver, Canada, and find myself in love with a delicious Portlander and visited him this week.

He lives in the Gateway area, where the blue feathers move in the wind and I smiled up at them, wind-whipped.

We walked along a path that follows the train line (red?) and by the freeway, it was a marvelous storm.

I removed my black velvet coat and asked him to kiss me against the chain link fence, (sleeveless and fishnets),

which he, most beautifully and powerfully, did

Part of us is still there, tongues and breath, my wrists in his grip and me on tiptoe.

Poem contributed by jams

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3 Responses to Portland

  1. Paul Johnson says:

    Careful walking on Interstate 205, the bicycle lanes don’t allow pedestrians for most of it’s length.

  2. vaysha says:

    your poem took my breath away. Just lovely!

  3. Dr. Jeff says:

    Aw, Jams, I’m glad I sent you here. 🙂

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