Last Train Home

It’s like being in one of those sci-fi movies and you’re in a tunnel. Lights are shooting by. You’re moving faster than you could ever go on foot. White lights flash by on either side almost as if in countdown …5…4…3…2…1…

Where are you going? You’re in a white bullet, the colors of blue and yellow obscured by the flashing lights. Is it a red or blue train? Hillsboro, Gresham, Beaverton, or PDX bound? Lights swirl around you. Up from down, left from right. They’re no longer known. What can you see? Blank faces of pale white people sitting amongst the blinding white of the train. You’re only a white bullet streaming alone the tracks to a destination unknown. You and others sit passively by as you rocket down.

Ear-piercing sound surrounds you. Something snaps.

Suddenly you are the movie. You’re the one whose life is ending in a matter of minutes. You’re the one who you’ve always watched in movies bolting into a fatal end. The train is careening off the tracks, careening into the side of the small round tunnel. Electricity sparks and a heavenly white flash engulf you. You’re falling. You’re so far underground, help will not come. It’s all crashing down now. Glass shatters onto razor silver rails. All the sounds from all the action movies you’ve ever seen surround you. Except this time they’re happening to you.

The train is now riding with the wheels no longer on the razor rails. Broken gleaming glass lies all around you. As one you and the glass get thrown like ragdolls into shattered glass and broken metal.

The ground trembles with the weight of thousands of pounds of the broken bullet. It begins to cave in on the still sliding disaster. You can see out the back of the train and you watch it collapsing behind you only inches away from you until it finally catches up. Blackness is all that can be seen. Your last breath of life floats from your body and you’re gone. A blinding flash engulfs you. A deafening screech cuts through you, then, nothing.

By Adri C, blogger at Portland’s Transit Antics and Other Stuff, @PDXtrimetrider on Twitter!

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