Stabby McBleedyou

Long ago (1998), in a land far, far away (Portland). There was a bus that went to Vancouver on Interstate Avenue. It was the number 5.

Before gentifrication (the MAX), this was a really rough neighborhood. A lot of crackheads, gangs, pushers and prostitutes. (Actually, it was my kind of neighborhood.)

Anyway, I was heading home one fine evening on said #5 when 2 young men got into a disagreement. First it started with a few words and angry gestures. Then came the ‘sentence modifiers’ along with angrier gestures. Then wouldn’t you know, one guy pulls a knife and puts right into the other guy’s thigh! The craziest part was that the recipient of the blade didn’t even yell or scream. All he said was:

You sonofabitch.

Now that guy was one tough mofo!

Story contributed by Shyanna

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2 Responses to Stabby McBleedyou

  1. Jessica Morkert says:

    Do you know when this happened and what time?

  2. Dave says:

    1998, according to the story.

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