Humanity on Wheels 2 (November 20, 2012)

Humanity on Wheels 2 - November 20, 2012Humanity on Wheels 2: another Evening of Mass Transit Tales!, takes place Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at the Jack London Bar (in the basement of the Rialto Poolroom at 529 SW 4th Ave.). The fun begins at 7:30 p.m.

Inspired by Muni Diaries Live and Back Fence PDX, Humanity on Wheels was created with the gracious and indefatigable help of Doug Kenck-Crispin, of Kick Ass Oregon History fame.

And he writes press releases:

In March, we held “Humanity On Wheels; An Evening of Mass Transit Tales,” which was dubbed, without much exaggeration, as “TriMet’s riders’ Woodstock.” The event provided an opportunity for Portland’s disparate mass transit enthusiasts to get together, in a bar, and share their experiences (good and bad) about commuting around town. The program featured about 7 featured presenters, who each gave a 5-10 minute prepared talk (a story, a poem, maybe a song). An intermission was held, and then an open mic session followed, and literally dozens of riders, and even a few drivers, shared their tales. We posted a recording from last March’s event as a podcast, and the link is here. Some photos of the event are on this Facebook page.

As you may know, the event was extremely well attended, and we have to thank both the traditional and bloggy media outlets for that. Humanity on Wheels (the first) received some GREAT press. It was featured as a Portland Mercury’s “My What A Busy Week,” selection, as well as one of “The Hot List” choices over at The Big O. Joseph Rose of The Oregonian lamented not attending. The seminal bicycle program The Sprocket Podcast, and Michael Andersen’s Portland Afoot gave us some great “ink” too!

Our Hostess with the Mostess for the spectacular shall be The Resident Historian of Kick Ass Oregon History, Doug Kenck-Crispin. A few of the favorites from the last event will present again. Bill Reagan and Jeff Guardalabene, or Dr. Jeff were crowd pleasers in March and will enliven our evening again.

But new Featured Speakers will share our non-slip stage as well! Ancient Portland will be joining us for the evening – which is a rare occurrence, to be sure! A few other iconic, Special Guests are anticipated (following the Transit Tracker right now) and an Open Mic session shall round out the evening – where you too can share your Mass Transit Stories.’s Intern Melissa Lang will once again provide pure awesomeness with her TriMet, “it’s like a diorama come to life!” magic. It will be an interactive piece for the Open Mic-ers- and let’s just say that the drunker you get, the harder it will become…

We certainly hope you will join us. As always, the event is conveniently located in the center of the previously “fareless square.”

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