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Bill Reagan enjoys how public transit juxtaposes neighbors and strangers in a way no other microcosm of our community can. He likes eavesdropping, striking up random conversations, and watching how people act when they think no one is looking. He can be found online at and @WilliamReagan on Twitter.


old woman, headphones, singing along with chorus “gangsta’s paradise” © Bill Reagan (@williamreagan), published with permission.

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The Touch

It’s a harmless curiosity, but that’s not how you’ll see it. You will recoil and glare, perhaps blurt some epithet to quickly define your discomfort with the situation, and I’ll immediately be on the defensive despite my harmless intentions. It’s … Continue reading

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The Ruse Revealed

EXT. DOWNTOWN MAX STOP, MORNING Train stop is empty except for two middle-aged men, silently waiting. Incredibly, neither is holding an electronic device, so they occupy themselves by scanning the windows of the corporate building across the street, occasionally staring … Continue reading

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Urgent Salvation

hypnotic preacher almost saves a sinner’s soul but Blue Line arrives © Bill Reagan (@williamreagan), used with permission. Read more of Bill’s haikus and other writings at

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The Newbie

For a span of about five stops, two different bus lines serve my neighborhood: the #35, and the #4. These are very different buses, in the same way that Antiques Road Show and Wipe Out are very different television shows. … Continue reading

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