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Dr. Jeff, in real life Dr. Jeff Guardalabene, is a Portland-area psychologist, who logs 300-plus miles on TriMet each week. He often live-tweets his commute to avoid intellectual stimulation. He lives with his wife and their five children and blogs about psychology issues at Follow @Doctor_Jeff on Twitter.

Yoko, we hardly knew ye

Oh, sure, the little press release blurbs always sound simple enough: Effective April 2, customer service telephone hours (503-238-RIDE options 3 and 5) will be changing. The new hours will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. On TriMet’s … Continue reading

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Call It A Loan

It’s scary out there! At least, that’s what some people believe, especially when it comes to traveling on mass transit. A cursory glance at the headlines inspires terrifying thoughts of roving gangs of teenaged girls, threatening dudes with knives, rambling … Continue reading

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Commuting apps I’d like to see

As a 21st-Century commuter, you’ve already downloaded all the available transit apps to your handset or personal computing device. You’ve got apps that tell you what time your bus is going to be there, and, well, another app that tells … Continue reading

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In Which I Solve The Budget Crisis, Repeatedly

Last week, I wrote about the fact that TriMet was trying to divide us into separate rider groups. There are choice riders, says TriMet, and there are transit-dependent riders. I went into some detail about how these are arbitrary categories. … Continue reading

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Answers From The Rails

I’m currently rolling along, sitting in my favorite sideways seat on the Blue Line. As I write this very sentence, we’re pulling out of the Hillsboro Airport stop. I have long thought that writing a TriMet Diaries post while actually … Continue reading

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