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Scott Tienken is co-editor of The Cartophile Imprint, a publishing/music/and public arts website. His current novel, Mass Transportation, the second installment of his Portland Trilogy, takes place on the northbound 75 busline to St. Johns. He is founding member of the Pine Needles music collective. He is a certified city and public art project geek, works for the county library, and is looking for a chess partner. (Scott Tienken owns the copyright on all his contributions, please contact him for permission to republish).

Unhappy Driver

Northbound 71, December 23, 2011, 8:01 p.m. We have a driver who is visibly unhappy and driving very poorly. An elderly woman who has not been offered a seat slips on the floor and goes to her knees. She is … Continue reading

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Mobile Metal Churchland: Night Bus Noir

Ridership thins out after the last of the commuters. Alone with 10-15 strangers with aisles, even zones to themselves. A driver who is often a little more open feeling, more friendly, less strung out. Streets outside thinned of headlights and … Continue reading

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Mobile Metal Churchland

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of Scott Tienken’s regular column entitles Mobile Metal Churchland. Look for the latest each week! Our bodies congregate in the rolling metal bins to suffer the hips, biceps, and rumps of others. We … Continue reading

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Your Local

Lulled into that proprietary feeling standing at your local at SE 60th and Flavel. Soaking up some of the deep southeast night ambiance waiting to bus up for the three minute ride to SE Woodstock for a wife meet up … Continue reading

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75 southbound, 7:15 p.m., Monday. Teens running the bus, menacing an older gentlemen with speculation as to how he smells and shouting crude suggestions as to how he might smell better. Gentlemen paying no attention to him. Driver one of … Continue reading

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