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Morning Lovin’

She rose from her seat across the aisle, to move from being seated beside some other stranger she apparently found less appealing – to come sit next to me. My headphones were on like they typically are on my commute … Continue reading

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Here’s My Card

I wear glasses . . . except I don’t actually wear my glasses. They fine tune my vision, but things within 10 feet are mostly clear without them, so I don’t wear them. What this means on the bus is … Continue reading

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TriMet to pedestrians: lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way

“The technology just wasn’t ready,” said Harry Saporta, TriMet’s safety and security executive. “There have been a lot of advances since then.” When I initially saw this quote highlighted in one of the 137 TriMet stories Joe Rose is assigned … Continue reading

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Here? No? Here?

The man waiting on the corner had no way of knowing that the young woman’s bus ride had been thoroughly exasperating. He would have understood her exuberant leap from the bus if he had known how she spent the entire … Continue reading

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Here Comes A Regular

Imagine seeing someone 600 times and not saying hello. 600 times, often sitting close enough to hand them a pen without either of you having to stand up, that close for 20 minutes as a time, and still never saying … Continue reading

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