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Get those wallets out – here comes the BusBag®

The big news among the hip alt-commuter types is that an “invisible” bike helmet has been invented. Joe Rose, always first on the scene, writes about it here. Oh, I hear the doubters among those of you who aren’t part … Continue reading

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Bus Bangers

“Hellloooo, people. We’re stopped indefinitely. There are signal problems at Gateway and trains are backed up all the way to Orenco.” Great. We’re stuck at the Sunset Transit Center with seven miles of Max cars stopped ahead of us. As … Continue reading

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The Ruse Revealed

EXT. DOWNTOWN MAX STOP, MORNING Train stop is empty except for two middle-aged men, silently waiting. Incredibly, neither is holding an electronic device, so they occupy themselves by scanning the windows of the corporate building across the street, occasionally staring … Continue reading

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The Transit Tourist Visits Portland

The Source, Transportation News and Views about LA’s Metro, runs an occasional series called The Transit Tourist. The Transit Tourist takes a look at other transit systems across the globe from the first person perspective of a visitor. What can … Continue reading

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Urgent Salvation

hypnotic preacher almost saves a sinner’s soul but Blue Line arrives © Bill Reagan (@williamreagan), used with permission. Read more of Bill’s haikus and other writings at

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