Humanity on Wheels 3 (5 April 2016)

Humanity on Wheels 3!

After a three and a half year hiatus, it’s back! Humanity on Wheels 3 – presented by Kick Ass Oregon History and TriMet Diaries – takes place Tuesday, 5 April 2016 at the Jack London Bar (529 SW 4th Ave – under The Rialto Poolroom).

Inspired by Muni Diaries Live, Back Fence PDX, and Stumptown Stories, Humanity on Wheels is a fantastic evening of Portland-area mass transit tales:

Selected story tellers will open the evening. Sarah Mirk, Dan Christensen, William Reagan, Robert Wagner, Dr. Jeff and Heather Goguen will all share stories of riding TriMet. Then, the master of ceremonies, KAOH’s Doug Kenck-Crispin will introduce an Open Mic section of the program, where audience members can share their own Portland Mass Transit stories!

For the audience’s enjoyment, we will also offer musical interludes provided by Dr. Something (whose songs include “Beaverton TC” and “Shitsplosion at the Lloyd Center Macy’s“). AND we will enjoy viewing vintage TriMet training films and advertisements from the 70s and 80s that we obtained from the agency’s archives!

We certainly hope you will join us for Humanity on Wheels 3! As always, the event is conveniently located in the center of the previously “Fareless Square.”

[A big thank you to Sprocket Podcast, who will be recording and broadcasting the program and Heather Goguen for the graphic design! Christopher Conner at TriMet was quite helpful in assisting with obtaining the vintage films, AND a big thank you to Matthew Cowan at the Oregon Historical Society for engineering the film transfer.]

Doors open at 7:00 PM, the show starts at 7:30 PM, and the event is FREE!

Visit the event page at for me details.

For a taste of Humanity on Wheels past, and a hint of what you can expect, check these out:

Humanity on Wheels 2 Sponsors

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See where it takes you #RCTID

Timbers Trimet

Image blatantly stolen from TriMet’s FB page.

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Karma Rides the 35

Schadenfreude is the German word for taking pleasure in another person’s misfortune. I was guilty of that today.

Every TriMet regular has their personal pet peeves about other riders, and mine is the two-seater, the person who sits in one and occupies a second with their belongings. These excessive occupations are sometimes legitimate — a student with an elaborate presentation, someone treating their office to several plates of cupcakes, or anyone with a medical apparatus – but in most cases, I suspect that it’s a self-centered jerk who doesn’t want to sit in close confines with another person on a bus where everyone is in close confines with other people. This isn’t a limousine, folks, and if you didn’t pay a second fare, you haven’t earned a second seat.

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Shitsplosion at the Lloyd Center Macy’s – by Dr. Something

An excerpt:

Should not have eaten spurious leftovers,
But that’s hard to remedy now
I caught the westbound MAX at an inopportune time,
And now I’d better think fast lest I shit my pants

By the inimitable Dr. Something!

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TriMet Mind Tricks

This story was submitted anonymously – no one wants to be known as a fare dodger!

There was the time I got away with riding the MAX without paying, by using Jedi mind tricks on a transit policeman.

Now before I start, I have to make the usual disclaimers about how I believe in law and order, I always pay my fare, “I am one of you” and so forth. Which is all true. It was quite an accident by which I found myself sitting blithely on a train without the proper comprobante de pago/boleto validado.

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