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Money for Nothing

Waiting at Pioneer Square in the morning for the MAX to the boonies, a guy is approaching each of us waiting there, holding up a book or booklet. A Bible? Asking for directions to a landmark in his travel guide? … Continue reading

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Somebody tell me if you’ve been played like this. It happened to me on the MAX riding eastbound during the evening commute. Coming through downtown, the car was getting full. I was reading a book called “The Anatomy of Peace.” … Continue reading

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The Lightspeed Traveler

My wife, daughter and I were waiting at the 77 bus stop westbound, stop #7510 to be exact, near the Trader Joe’s a block from the Hollywood Transit Center. My daughter was wearing a sorceress costume and cape and reading … Continue reading

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The Coolest

Every Thursday evening, the Liberators’ comedy improv class ended at 9:30. Like the clockwork inside a $20 Rolex, I left the class and the Falcon Building. Feeling funny, I walked the half-block to the corner of Albina and Killingsworth to … Continue reading

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I Remember Shirley Temple

I was riding the 75 bus north towards home on 39th avenue in the dark, damp evening, somewhere between Powell and Division, reading a book on the topic of working memory. Working memory is the stuff you try to keep … Continue reading

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