TriMet Diaries* are the inevitably amusing, amazing, and horrifying tales you glean while riding public transit in the Portland metropolitan area.

Ride along vicariously, or better yet climb aboard and contribute your own stories!

The idea for TriMet Diaries was blatantly stolen from inspired by Muni Diariesa place to share and read rider tales and news about the sometimes crappy, sometimes efficient, but essential public-transit system of San Francisco.

Editors (and sometime contributors):

Heather and DaveHeather blogs at Mile73.com, where she has been known to regale her readers with streetcar tales horrifying and sublime.

Twitter: @Mile73

Dave blogs at Dave Knows Portland, and has been riding TriMet for well nigh a quarter century. He keeps figuring he’s seen it all, but then he rides the bus again the next day.

Twitter: @DaveKnowsPDX, also @TriMetDiaries

Contributors extraordinaire:

Dr. JeffDr. Jeff, in real life Dr. Jeff Guardalabene, is a Portland-area psychologist, who logs 300-plus miles on TriMet each week. He often live-tweets his commute to avoid intellectual stimulation. He lives with his wife and their five children and blogs about psychology issues at drjeffblog.blogspot.com.

Follow @Doctor_Jeff on Twitter.

Bill ReaganBill Reagan doesn’t like public transportation. He’s prone to motion sickness, believes that bus seats were designed by 4’10” engineers, and lives in constant fear that he’ll be found on the Max on the first with only last month’s pass as his alibi. But he endures all that because public transit juxtaposes neighbors and strangers in a way no other microcosm of our community can. He loves eavesdropping, striking up random conversations, and watching how people act when they think no one is looking.

He uses Trimet to bring his daughter to school, to get to his job as a marketing copywriter, and to make mad dashes for calorie-laden deliciousness from Portland’s wealth of portable restaurants. He can be found online at WilliamReagan.com and @WilliamReagan on Twitter.

Scott Tienken is co-editor of The Cartophile Imprint, a publishing/music/and public arts website. His current novel, Mass Transportation, the second installment of his Portland Trilogy, takes place on the northbound 75 busline to St. Johns. He is founding member of the Pine Needles music collective. He is a certified city and public art project geek, works for the county library, and is looking for a chess partner. (Scott Tienken owns the copyright to all his contributions, please contact him for permission to republish).

* TriMet Diaries is not in any way sponsored by, affiliated with, or associated with TriMet.

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