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Here? No? Here?

The man waiting on the corner had no way of knowing that the young woman’s bus ride had been thoroughly exasperating. He would have understood her exuberant leap from the bus if he had known how she spent the entire … Continue reading

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Speed Dating

I ride the bus every day, so I’ve witnessed plenty of folks making amorous advances toward fellow riders – but I had never seen anyone like this guy on the #35. He bounded onto the bus as if he had … Continue reading

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The Touch

It’s a harmless curiosity, but that’s not how you’ll see it. You will recoil and glare, perhaps blurt some epithet to quickly define your discomfort with the situation, and I’ll immediately be on the defensive despite my harmless intentions. It’s … Continue reading

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The Newbie

For a span of about five stops, two different bus lines serve my neighborhood: the #35, and the #4. These are very different buses, in the same way that Antiques Road Show and Wipe Out are very different television shows. … Continue reading

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My Nemesis Revealed

The guy sports a van dyke, which should tell you everything you need to know. If you’re not familiar, the van dyke is part soul patch, part handlebar mustache – think three musketeers, or the painted beard on the V-for-Vendetta … Continue reading

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