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Everyone sees the world differently, I get that. Even you, sitting in the very next bus seat, so close that we couldn’t slip a bus ticket between our shoulders, you seem to have a completely different vantage point than I … Continue reading

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Observations on the Behavior of Homo Sapiens when Trains Come in Pairs

Story contributed by Roland Couture. Occasionally MAX trains in rush hour arrive in pairs about 2-3 minutes apart. The first train in any such pair will always carry most of the passengers — it’ll be a miserably full train with … Continue reading

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Karma Rides the 35

Schadenfreude is the German word for taking pleasure in another person’s misfortune. I was guilty of that today. Every TriMet regular has their personal pet peeves about other riders, and mine is the two-seater, the person who sits in one … Continue reading

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TriMet Mind Tricks

This story was submitted anonymously – no one wants to be known as a fare dodger! There was the time I got away with riding the MAX without paying, by using Jedi mind tricks on a transit policeman. Now before … Continue reading

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The Journal, Stranger Repellent

Since I’ve been living in Lake Oswego for about a month, I’ve been riding public transit more and more. This is fine with me– Trimet does well getting me to the few destinations I pursue that I can’t access on … Continue reading

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