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Call It A Loan

It’s scary out there! At least, that’s what some people believe, especially when it comes to traveling on mass transit. A cursory glance at the headlines inspires terrifying thoughts of roving gangs of teenaged girls, threatening dudes with knives, rambling … Continue reading

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Commuting apps I’d like to see

As a 21st-Century commuter, you’ve already downloaded all the available transit apps to your handset or personal computing device. You’ve got apps that tell you what time your bus is going to be there, and, well, another app that tells … Continue reading

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All I learned I learned on TriMet

As those who stalk me regularly on Twitter have surmised, I’ve been driving a lot lately. My lovely fiancee is experiencing a very complicated recovery from knee surgery, so I’ve been plying the highways and byways in our car so … Continue reading

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What to do when fare inspectors gets on your MAX

Get a sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize that they are there. Have a moment of panic as you dig for your monthly or annual TriMet pass. Have big panic moment as you hope that your transfer ticket … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to TriMet Operators

When you rack up as many transit miles as I do, you either start to notice things, or you start to go crazy. Or, in my case, a little of both. I’ve taken to noticing who is operating my train, … Continue reading

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