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Video: Portland’s Streetcar Mobile Music Fest

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Oregon Trail 2011 Portlandia Edition

Video by local entrepreneurial techy Jeri Ellsorth. Find her on twitter at @jerriellsworth and on YouTube.

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(Fake) TriMet Commercial

My favorite line: The bus driver’s always really pretty and the buses are on time And via @GreenGeekPDX some efforts by a real advertising company can be viewed at in really low quality Real Video and Quicktime!

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Go By Street Car in Portland: 1936-1959

Go By Streetcar: Portland Streetcars 1936-1959 from Tom11 Films on Vimeo. Interesting how little lane markers, right of way, and common courtesy meant to cars back then. Wow. And then they burned the streetcars down. On the Vimeo page footage … Continue reading

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MAX FAQs Analyzes “F*ck You TriMet: A Love Story”

The short film by Sam Brosnan recently featured on TriMet Diaries, F*ck You TriMet: A Love Story, is the subject of a post today on the excellent local transit blog MAX FAQs: Light Rail in Portland. In the post Camelopardalis … Continue reading

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