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He Lived

After tens of thousands of hours riding public transportation, the worst physical violence I had experienced personally were a couple of punches to the head that did no damage. And I’d never seen another passenger assaulted (I’m just lucky, I … Continue reading

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I was riding the 75 northbound, north of Sandy Boulevard around 8:30 on a weekday evening. Three or four other riders were scattered around the bus. A group of high school kids got on. Some of them sat in front, … Continue reading

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It seems like everyone now is fixed on their electronics. On any given bus or train, however, someone is reading a book.  I have documented proof.  The following are titles of books recently being read on Trimet (and some commentary): … Continue reading

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Bus Bangers

“Hellloooo, people. We’re stopped indefinitely. There are signal problems at Gateway and trains are backed up all the way to Orenco.” Great. We’re stuck at the Sunset Transit Center with seven miles of Max cars stopped ahead of us. As … Continue reading

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Social Skills

It was a nice weekday morning in Northeast. Three middle-aged men boarded the 75 bus together — all around 40 years old. One using a cane, old before his time, sat across the aisle from me. His friend took the … Continue reading

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